Prezanis Rooms

Unique Location

Where you will find us...

Prezanis Rooms is in a quiet location, in the Xirokampos area, on the western side of Chorio.

The two-story building is nestled in a large garden, and its view of Chorio, the windmills of Xaplovouni, and the hill of Agios Mamas with the church of the same name, is breathtaking.


Its location is ideal as it combines tranquility with proximity to Chorio and the main square where there are restaurants, coffee bars, dessert shops and traditional cafes.

Info: The stop for the bus that tours Kimolos is just 10 meters from the guesthouse.

A few words about Kimolos

Kimolos belongs to the complex of the Western Cyclades and is located next to Milos and the uninhabited Polyaigos. It is a small island with low-impact tourism development. Its only town, Chorio, greatly impresses visitors with its picturesque appearance, simplicity and cleanliness.


According to mythology, its name derives from the first settler, Kimolos, husband of Taurus’ daughter, Side. Of course from time to time different names were given to it, such as Echinousa (Isle of sea urchins) or Echidnousa (Isle of vipers) and Arzantiera-Arzentiera, a word of Venetian origin, given because of its silver-colored rocks in the south, (argentum = silver in Latin).

A distinguishing feature of Kimolos is the chalk that is found in its rocks and gives its waters is an amazing blue color.

Of the many beautiful beaches in Kimolos, it is worth visiting the Ellinika with the sunken city nearby, the Prassa with the blue-green waters, the Mavrospilia for a beautiful sunset, Bonatsa with its golden sand, and Goupa, where there is a small fishing village.

Kimolos’s great asset however is its inhabitants. Simple, hospitable people, in love with their blessed land, as reflected in the popular local saying, "My Kimolos, my Paradise.”

Info: As with other Cycladic Islands, in several of its coastal areas you will see “syrmata,” rooms dug into the rock, where boats are kept during the winter.